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Deborah's Primary Issues

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Crime (click here for stats)

Violent crime is up 19% in Arlington. Families settle where they feel safe. Established families attract retail and business. Retail and business increase our commercial tax base. Because retail and business increase our commercial tax base, crime control is both personally and economically beneficial for Arlington.

Arlington can fund additional law enforcement by reducing its overwhelming use of studies, improving its performance in project development, and executing bond funded projects in a timely manner. Beginning a project six to eight years after voter approval increases the cost of the project, ie: our 2003 approved Animal shelter is now smaller, twice the cost, and construction has not yet to started. The $2.5 million dollar cost increase, on this project alone, could be more effectively used to enhance police protection.

If the city council takes positive steps, today, toward reducing crime, then families and businesses will once again consider Arlington a place to call home.

"Arlington First" Development Practices

I am the most qualified and experienced development candidate running for City Council. I want to see new businesses relocate and current businesses expand in Arlington. A healthy commercial tax base is crucial to keeping our residential tax base low. However, developers should only receive incentives if they are bringing new business to Arlington. Also, if City funds or incentives are sought, Arlington companies and firms should be considered FIRST to participate. Developers with a blatant history of poor performance here or elsewhere should not do business with the City of Arlington. Finally, code enforcement efforts need to be increased to stop the degradation of Arlington's beautiful neighborhoods.

Road Improvements

Bonds were approved more than 8 years ago to repair and widen roads in District 4. Many of these roads are becoming hazardous (take a ride on Pleasant Ridge). During her last campaign, my opponent promised to improve her record on road repairs. Just look around, do you seen any improvements since her election 2 years ago? And, against overwhelming citizen protest, my opponent voted to spend Arlington tax dollars to widen Kennedale streets.

Property Rights

Just because the Supreme Court was short-sighted enough to rule that city's have the right to take your property for private development, doesn't mean its morally right. If a private developer wants your property, they need to negotiate with you, not the Arlington City Council.

Transparent Government

Citizens should have easy access to city records and data, executive sessions should be rare and infrequent, and work session should be scheduled to maximize citizen attendance. Currently the city is suing the state of Texas to keep from releasing information on Johnson Creek. How many police officers could we train and place on duty with the money being allocated to sue the state? How much will it cost us in the future to deal with the increased flooding?

No Buses

My opponent is a stanch advocate of buses in Arlington. How many times do we have to say no? Arlington's Handitran system of door-to-door transportation for the infirmed and elderly serves the needs of those unable to drive. This is much better than having them wait at a BUS STOP to visit their doctor. Ask yourself, would you put your grandmother on a public bus? I know I wouldn't!